Components of Forklift

Parts of a forklift


Locating the common parts of a forklift is vital to ensure that your operators are reliably using equipment as intended in a safe manner. The following list of forklift terminology will help to identify items that require the attention of a maintenance technician. The forklift has many components, and this article aims to provide a brief introduction to them. The components of the forklift include:

–              Steering Wheel: To drive the forklift left or right

–              Counter Weight : The weight installed by the manufacturer to give stability to the machine            under load.

–              Tilt Cylinder : Controls the amount by which the mast structure, forks and carriage may be             tilted beyond the vertical position, forward or backward.

–              Fork : The cantilevered arms attached to the load carriage, that engage the load.

–              Carriage : A support structure where the forks are attached or mounted.

–              Back Rest : Attached to the carriage and prevents the load from shifting backwards. It also             protects the mast cylinders hoses, to prevent any goods falling through the mast and hitting the operator.

–              Lift Cylinder : Controls the amount by which the mast structure, forks and carriage may be             raised or lowered in the vertical.

–              Mast : The mast is the vertical support that allows you to raise or lower the load.

–              Overhead Guard : A framework/roof, providing overhead protection for the operator from            falling objects.

–              Rating Plate : This is used to inform users of the maximum load a forklift can legally carry.

–              Operator’s Seat

–              Steering / Rear wheels

–              Drive wheels

–              Lights and Horn

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